Dote on Dads This June

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For some beauty businesses June signals the beginning of slower summer months. Kick-off June with a Father’s Day Campaign, it may not be as big as Mother’s Day but it carries some definite marketing swagger. Most sales for Father’s Day will be at the last minute, making it the perfect pre-summer promotion.

The male grooming market is expanding, creating an increasing demand for “men’s only” hair and beauty treatments. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a loyal client. Capitalize on this opportunity by sending the right marketing signals to attract men. Particularly with grooming services, men don’t want to “guess” if your salon provides services catering to men. Make it clear with a Men’s tab on your salon website, a menu or price guide for men, and male imagery.

Offer women (moms, daughters, grandmothers) an alternative to the token tie or pair of socks, promote the gift of a “grooming experience”. Promote your gift options for Dad by way of a dedicated Father’s Day email followed by social media reminders. Make it easy to buy by creating service and product packages at price points for all budgets. 

The D-A-Ds of how to market Father’s Day for your salon:

Conceptualize a Theme
A promotion starts with a concept, a photographic image, a catchy message and headline. 

Consistently Communicate
Advertise your offerings by posting consistently across all salon marketing channels. Ensure dads’ offers and gift ideas are fully promoted on your website from the beginning of June. Drive traffic to your salon website pages with regular social media posts and email marketing.

In-Salon Advertising
Don’t overlook your physical salon space, make sure whatever you are promoting online is communicated in-salon too. Create eye-catching window graphics, mirror talkers and point-of-purchase signs to display throughout the salon.

In-Salon Retail Displays
Create a prominent Father’s Day retail display. Mix in POP signage that easily conveys retail specials, package contents and price points for easy purchasing. Merchandising product with signs “tell the story” of your retail promotions to all guests visiting your salon.

Brief Your Team
Fill your team in on your Father’s Day specials and encourage them to start the conversation of gifting for dads.

Gift Cards
Don’t forget the easiest gift to give - Salon Gift Cards! Great for women who want to sharpen up her man’s looks.

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Marketing Tips to Glean Graduates

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Graduation 2019 is around the corner - start booking trials and Graduation Day appointments now. Graduation season begins in May and runs through the month of June. Providing special graduation day services provides an opportunity to introduce your salon to students of all ages - this is especially relevant to salons located in college-towns. This walk across the stage serves up a huge opportunity to offer ‘celebrate the graduate packages can bring extra business to your beauty business the last weeks of spring.

Junior high, high school, college and university graduates across the country are spending money on men's and women's hair, makeup, brow shaping, facials, sunless tanning, manicures and pedicures. Be sure to build the Graduation season into your marketing calendar every year. Here are a few ways:

1) Offer Special Graduation Promotion Packages.
Creating affordable packages geared toward students generates new business, use graduation season as a chance to connect with students directly. Put together packages at 3 different price points and secure appointments with a 50% deposit (non-refundable). 

2) Referrals Rock.
Talk up your graduation services and promotions to current clients starting several weeks in advance. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your business. Try a friend referral offer for graduation services. For example: Schedule graduation services for yourself and a friend, receive Lash Application for free.

3) Offer special splurges.
If there’s ever a time that a student to splurge for a fancy hair clip, earrings or lip gloss, it’s for graduation. Even if you don’t typically stock these kinds of items, investing in some beauty accessories and displaying attractively in key retail area/s boosts the bottom line every time.

4) Check the dates for local graduations.
Call your local junior highs, high schools, colleges and universities to ask graduation ceremony dates. These dates will change every year, so in order to plan and staff accordingly make sure these dates are highlighted in your calendar.

5) Socialize.
Target graduates by posting "graduate-related" content May - June. Share inspirational quotes, congratulations and graduation planning tips. Facebook ads are a great place to start advertising special graduate offers and services. 

6) Graduation Packages Email.
When the time comes to plan graduation day beauty services make sure your salon is “top of mind” of regional graduates. Send an e-mail campaign to promote your graduate packages. For easy booking offer simple price points with memorable package names such as "Top of the Class", "Follow Your Dreams", "Valedictorian", or "One Smart Cookie". Get creative!

7) Gift Cards for Grads.
Gifts for high school and college students should be highlighted at this time as well. Gift cards are the perfect gift, remind gift givers by displaying prominently with graduation cards.