PLAN AHEAD with our Promotion Planner Cheat Sheet

Best retailing practices state that salon owners and managers should start planning promotions about three months in advance. While it’s not hard to put together packages or tailored retail displays, you can’t do it last-minute. 

To make it easy on you BeautyMark has created a cheat sheet for WHAT HOLIDAY you should be planning and WHEN. In addition to national holidays, be aware of local festivals and events in your own community.



Earth Month
Spring Break
Wedding/Bridal Season

Mother’s Day
Memorial Day

Father’s Day

Summer Break

Back to School

Fall Color

Black Friday

Holiday Season

Holiday Season 

New Year
Makeover Month

Valentine’s Day
St Patrick’s Day
Grammy Awards

Academy Awards
Golden Globes

Salon Email Marketing: Don’t Wait For the Ring, Create the Ring!

Don't Wait for the RingCreate the Ring!.jpg

Emails are marketing in action. What action? The action that gets the salon phone ringing, the online booking software buzzing, and your appointment pages FULL. Don't wait for the ring, create the ring! If implemented on a regular basis (12 promotions a year) salon email marketing is the most effective way to generate business. 

Only a very small number of salons and spas are actually using email marketing strategies to generate in business. Yet, a planned promotion advertised to your target market can make up to 50% of booked services. These bookings are like diamonds in the rough, hidden profits that are easily gleaned from engaged clients. Rethink of your email list as your VIP list! These clients have provided you their email address! 

All too often salon and spa owners spend their efforts to attract NEW clients. They rarely spend time gleaning profits from EXISTING clients and prospects. Marketing to your existing clients or prospects, your email contact list, is far more effective than attracting new clients.

Email marketing is a very low cost direct marketing tool. Add up the cost of sending a direct mail piece - printing, envelopes and postage, plus the time involved to generate address labels, stuff envelopes and affix postage. In comparison, directly reaching your VIP’s inbox costs you only the subscription to your email service provider. 

How much time is involved to create and send a salon email? The time it takes to write a promotional offer which includes a set limited time and limited availability, and press send. Within minutes your salon special offer is broadcast to your VIPs list. Your VIPS, salon past clients and prospects, were JUST THINKING about a salon visit, and your email offer PROMPTED them to give you a call. 

The action of sending an email filled “spaces” in your appointment book and you’ve just generated beautiful profits from one email. Not bad for a few minutes work! Is you salon or day spa taking advantage of email marketing to promote offers, make sales and improve profits? Don’t wait for the ring, create the ring. Here’s to successful salon email marketing!