Are You Spending ENOUGH on Your Salon Advertising?


Mmmm, let’s see. Spend $1,000 to make 50k – in my simple mind, that’s a 50-1 return on investment.

I’d say that’s pretty good.

It’s always a mystery to me that so many salon owners somehow expect their business to give them a $100,000 a year income without spending actual hard cash on acquiring the asset – i.e., customers – to fund that income. Let’s be clear; can you really expect to get an income-producing asset for free?

Income-producing assets don’t come for free. To expect to build a $100,000 a year income by fiddling around on Facebook and email, relying exclusively on social media, spending next to nothing on PAID advertising in any media is almost a definition of insanity. Sure, you could build a business with no more effort than whatever you can get for free, but don’t expect it to happen fast.

Definition of insanity: thinking that all you need is all that ‘free’ social media stuff and you’ll suddenly get a stampede of customers

If, to the question “what are you prepared to spend to acquire a $2,000 a year customer?” your answer is ‘I want it for free’ then you’re living in la-la land. Assets like that require investment. Acquiring multiple assets like that require multiplied investment.

But if you knew you’d tear up a $100 note every time you acquired a $2,000 a year customer, how many $100 notes would you be willing to tear up? (The answer, for the smart ones is: ‘as many as I’ve got.’)

No worthwhile marketing comes for free. Merely throwing up a Facebook page and waiting for prospective customers to wander by is simply never going to "happen". Properly-constructed, well-maintained marketing in any media takes investment, in both money and in time. Remember that clients are assets and therefore salon advertising is an investment.

Salon Advertising: Are You Spending Enough?

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In today’s market, hair and beauty salons have to accept that many businesses are targeting our client’s money - not just other salons. Competition comes in the form of entertainment, dining out, clothing, shoes, and nightlife.

Most salon advertising budgets are set between 4-7%, depending on the salon organization and size. Advertising is expensive, yet necessary to create the best global awareness of your salon brand, whereabouts, services and products. Salon’s need to find “the” perfect percentage of advertising dollars necessary to maintain the required stream of new and repeat clients. 

Controlled repetition is key. Work out an “awareness rhythm” that will continue to keep your salon fresh in the minds of your current and potential guests. Analyze your clientele. What age group do you want to attract to your salon, and what age group are you attracting? More of what you have is easier to attract, but awareness to new markets can expand your market.

What interests your clients?  Gift with purchase (ex: free treatment w/service) -Discounts – Rewards – Bonuses? Focus where you are going to get the strongest response.

Don’t forget: Your advertising is only as strong as your staff. What promotions will your salon team support naturally?  Promotions that are easy to communicate are more successful. Does your staff have enough appointment cards for networking?