Big Hair Trend - Create a Beehive French Twist with Aveda Phomollient


AVEDA Phomollient Styling Foam patented formula includes certified organic honey, burdock and marshmallow root-creates weightless volume on fine and medium hair.

 I love the big hair trend that is showing up everywhere....Amy Winehouse was ahead of the curve with her famous beehive now being translated onto the pages of fashion and beauty magainzines. Here is how to get the look:

Beehive French Twist

  1. Taking 1/2 inch sections, hold the ends tightly and back-brush at the roots for 12 strokes
  2. Continue on for the entire head. Note: each section needs the same number of back-brushing strokes in order to have equal lift and a well-balanced 'do
  3. Brush the hair lightly towards where you want to anchor your style. In this case it was to a seam in the back for a French Twist, cross your bobby pins in an 'X' to lock in your style and use fewer pins.
  4. Smooth the outer layer over the rest of the 'do. You can completely smooth flyaways if you like. I wanted to leave some loose so it looks more modern.

For Fine/limp hair: Blowdry with mousse like AVEDA's Phomollient and set the hair on hot rollers which adds lift, body and shape to work with.

For curly hair: Don't tease / back-brush too much as if you rough up your cuticle too much you will just create frizzy hair. Although it can be done on curly hair, you're best to not back-brush and work with the volume you naturally have.