Professional Salon Marketing Services

Do you know about all of the benefits you can enjoy by implementing a professional salon marketing plan?  Many salon owners start out in the beauty business as stylists. They know everything that there is to know about beauty products, current styles, and what services to offer but unfortunately, most are not experts in salon marketing. If you’re ready to turn your salon into a thriving profitable business, then you’ll be excited about BeautyMark Marketing’s Ready-to-Wear subscription plans can help you reach that goal.

Your salon marketing plan should include effective strategies for expanding your customer base. You can’t just rely on your steady customers to keep you in business, drawing in new clients is the best way to move forward and boost your profit potential. So how can you expand your customer base? One way is to start taking advantage of online marketing through email, Facebook and Twitter campaigns with a consistent message. The other is by implementing the same campaign  message in-store {in-salon} as well. Turn walk-by’s into walk-ins with promotional window clings, posters, mirror talkers and bounce-back cards.

Salon marketing can be complex and some salon owners would rather turn their efforts towards other things. If that’s you, then you need to hire BeautyMark Marketing to implement a salon marketing plan that will work for you. Hiring an expert is the smartest way to ensure that your salon marketing plan can take your salon or spa business to the next level.

Optimize your marketing efforts with BeautyMark’s budget friendly, off the rack Ready-to-Wear Campaigns. We make salon marketing simple with ten annual predesigned promotions that cover both in-store and online channels with one consistent message.