Prom Prep - Tips to Grow Prom Season Business


Prom Season begins in April and runs through the entire month of May. It’s also a great time to connect and introduce your salon to a new demographic - the teen market. Prom is an event many teen girls spend years dreaming about. Being a part of the memory, through readying the prom-goer, builds client loyalty and trust. Seize the opportunity to turn a prom appointment into a loyal client. It could be the beginning of a relationship that lasts long after prom night.

Teenage girls across the country are spending money on prom hair, makeup, brow shaping, facials, sunless tanning, manicures and pedicures. Whatever services you offer, be sure to build the prom season into your marketing calendar every year. Here are a few ways:

1) Offer Special Prom Promotion Packages.
Creating affordable packages geared toward teens generates new business, use the prom as a chance to connect with girls directly. Put together packages at 3 different price points and secure appointments with a 50% deposit (non-refundable). 

2) Referrals Rock.
Talk up your prom services and promotions to current clients starting several weeks in advance. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your business. Try a friend referral offer for prom services. For example: Schedule prom services for yourself and a friend - get Lash Application for free.

3) Pre-Prom Prep Event.
Plan a pre-prom event to gather potential prom-goers to enjoy hair, makeup and nail demonstrations. The event can serve as a kick-off to your salon prom promotions. Start booking appointments on the spot.

4) Offer special splurges.
If there’s ever a time that a teen will splurge for a fancy hair clip, earrings or lip gloss, it’s for the prom. Even if you don’t typically stock these kinds of items, investing in some prom-appropriate beauty accessories and displaying attractively in key retail area/s boosts the bottom line every time.

5) Check the dates for your Proms.
Call your local high school/s and ask for the date of their prom. These dates will change every year, so in order to plan and staff accordingly make sure these dates are highlighted in your calendar.

6) Socialize.
Target prom-goers by crafting prom status updates. Keep the stream of content going for several months (April - May), share prom themed posts from beauty how-to’s, to prom hair inspiration, to prom planning tips. Facebook ads are a great place to start advertising special prom offers and services. 

7) Prom Packages Email.
When the time comes to schedule prom beauty services make sure your salon is “top of mind” in mom’s minds. Send an e-mail campaign to promote your prom packages. For easy booking both online and at the front desk prom packages should have easy price points and memorable “package names” - for example Fling, Hot Date, and Memory Maker.

PROM PREP BEAUTY CHECK LIST - Use our Prom Prep checklist on salon social media channels to remind prom-goers to plan ahead and BOOK.

Date? Check. Dress? Check. Makeup? Hair? 
Two months before prom: Book hair and makeup appointments  
To ensure availability, schedule your salon appointment two months in advance.
Rip out magazine pages of make up and hair inspiration to show to your stylist. 

Two weeks before prom: Teeth whitening  
Book a teeth whitening session with a professional or start whitening your teeth using a product such as Crest White Strips.

Just over a week before prom: Get a facial  
Often a facial can actually produce a small breakout as it rids skin of impurities, so schedule your facial a good week before the actual prom date. Give your skin time to recuperate.

One week before prom: Brow maintenance  
Wait until one week before to shape or tweeze brows, otherwise you will start to get regrowth.

Two days before prom: Sunless tanning  
This is a professionals only service. In order to get just the look you want do a trial run about two or three weeks before. In order to avoid fading or splotchiness schedule your spray tanning session for1 - 2 days before the actual prom date so that the finish is freshly applied and even.

The day before or day of prom: Get a manicure
To avoid chipping or fading, wait until the day before or the day of the prom to schedule your manicure appointment. Don’t forget, if your footwear is open toed a pedicure should be booked too. If you don't want to spend the money or if you get squeezed out of an appointment, do your own nails, but early in the day.

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How to Maximize Client Return and Frequency Rate


To every beauty business owner's detriment many clients extend time between scheduled appointments due to busy schedules and desire to stretch the dollar. Implementing a pre-booking strategy can maximize the return rate and visit frequency of your clients. The key is to reward clients for returning to the salon before they even leave it.  The perfect time to focus on pre-booking strategies that contribute to busier days, fuller books and bigger profits is now! 

Consider this calculation:
400 clients booked every 8 weeks = $50 spend per visit or $120,000 a year.
400 pre-booked clients every 5 weeks = $200,000 a year, an $80,000 difference!

Prepare to pre-book
How does your staff go about pre-booking clients? Do you even know?
If you are a salon owner trying to get your pre-book rate up here are some suggestions that can be implemented by your entire salon team.

Schedule a team meeting to share the hard facts about why pre-booking is so important and how it can positively affect each stylists’ income and success of the salon as a whole.

Preparing for pre-booking can change your business. Practicing pre-booking scripts can make your team feel more comfortable. It’s not about what is said, but what is offered. Most clients need a little extra incentive to get them to commit. 

Idea 1: Pre-booking Contests
Communicate the Offer:
Create a drawing to win a prize. Explain to clients every time they pre-book their next appointment their name will be entered into a drawing to win basket of products valued at $XX. The prize, combined with the chance of winning, will get a clients to give it a shot.

How To: Assemble a stunning looking basket or bag filled with top-selling products and accessories. Create a noticeable display front and center with a combination of signage and color; use tissue paper and colored pretty fabric ribbon to display. Shrink-wrapped baskets are great too. Hold the contest for two months, then draw a name.

Idea 2: Pre-booking Cards
Pre-book Cards are simply appointment cards engineered to maximize the return rate and frequency of your client's visits. 

How To: When client returns Pre-Book Card on their next pre-booked appointment they receive a free gift. Determine free gift that will build your business; such as a retail product, a complimentary add-on service or dollars off their next service.
*Changing it up every few months keeps clients interested. 

Calculate the number of Pre-Book Cards you will need; 100 minimum per team member is a good start. Have team members fill out their own Pre-Book Cards with their names and the free gift decided. Place your Pre-Book Cards at each station and the front desk.

Idea 3: Pre-Book To Win a Prize
Give away something big, a big dollar service. Some clients will pre-book for a free paraffin dip, but the bigger the prize the bigger the incentive to pre-book. A gift card for a nice dollar amount that may be used towards service or retail is a wonderful prize.  By running the contest for two months you are only giving away a free service every two months.

Idea 4: Front Desk
Offer a larger product gift basket or gift certificate drawing to every client who pre-books and place the gift basket prominently at the front desk. Coach your front desk staff to engage each guest to enter the drawing for a chance to win this basket/gift certificate by pre-booking your next appointment. You’ll be surprised how your salon’s pre-book percentage will increase. 

Idea 5: Seasonal Holiday Drawing Entry
Create a drawing around a seasonal holiday (such as Easter, Mother's Day, etc). Have every client fill out an entry form with name, phone number, and e-mail address;  this helps you keep your salon contact list fresh.

How To: Begin the drawing 4 - 6 weeks beforehand, hold the actual drawing for winner on the seasonal holiday of your choice).

Idea 6: Email Promo
Use drawing entry information as a marketing tool. Send each entry an email campaign for $10 off or a complimentary upgrade with a service. These target guests are engaged and will likely take you up on the promotion.