Salon Only Ideas For Instagram


There is one thing stand-out Instagram accounts all have in common. They tell a story. How do they tell a story? Consistently sharing content that is relevant to their business and their brand. How do you do it? By staying true to your business and creating an Instagram feed that looks and feels just like your beauty business.

Before you take the plunge use these tips to create content that will make you an Instagram stand-out:

1. Hair and Happy Clients
Most often clients are happy to show off their new hair, look, makeup, or nails. If you’re a beauty business, get your team into the practice of taking a snapshot of their work. This step alone translates into a a visual content goldmine.Ask your clients to be a part of the fun and get them involved, or take side and back angled shots instead. Transform ordinary pictures into stand-out shots with the use of a simple background which makes the model the focal point.

2. Highlight Your Team
Take a group selfie with your team! Show the fun side of the your team, share stylists working with clients, taking a break, behind the desk, with their favorite product, birthdays, and just being silly! Clients love to see and connect with their favorite stylists on Instagram.

3. Reflect Your Brand
Use your salon brand to help tell your story. Consistently utilize your brand’s in color palette, logo and word mark to create an Instagram feed that reflects your brand image and story.  People LOVE to share beautiful visual content. Increase social sharing by creating strong visuals. If the visual is impactful, so will be the success of likes and "shares". Posts should stand out through imagery, typography and color.

4. Salon Environment
Do you have a stand-out salon interior or exterior? Show it off by including images of your salon space, both inside and out. Include local businesses and shops near your salon location, for example your team’s favorite coffee shop. Tip: Tag nearby businesses and their followers will see your post! A great business-to-business strategy to grow your followers through local or nearby businesses.

5. Retail Salon Products
Instagram loves pretty pictures. Get creative and have some fun taking pics of your retail products. Set up a display, make it pretty, use flowers, use gem stones, use pottery, mirrors; a vignette that shows off your “wares” in a different way that echoes your brand look and feel.6. Inspirational QuotesShare inspirational quotes with your followers. Share what moves you and what you believe in. Select quotes that suit your salon brand and client demographics. Keep it light and fun.

6. Education and Training
Do you offer ongoing education and training to your stylists/service providers? Do you send your team to industry trade shows? Share these events via team photos for a behind-the-scenes view. This demonstrates that you invest in your staff and training, which builds loyalty and confidence.

7. Promotional Opportunities
Monthly promotions are simply well thought-out plans to keep clients and prospective clients aware of your beauty business. You want your salon or spa “top of mind” when they are motivated to make an appointment. Make sure it is you they call. 
- Retail or Service Specials
- Referral offers (friend or new client)

How to Snap Pro-Quality Smartphone Images for Social Media


Taking high quality hair and beauty images is an absolute must in the beauty industry engagement craving, pin-worthy world. Luckily, you don’t need a top notch camera, your smartphone will do the trick just fine (we are loving the 7 Plus in portrait mode). Want to get really fancy? Fire up your smartphone and tap your way to professional, branded photos with the tips below:

1. Natural and Diva Ring Lighting
Take advantage of the your salon’s sources of natural light, such as a window, then add in a Diva Ring Light. This is the ultimate tool to take salon images from so-so to so-pro.

The professional-quality fluorescent Diva Ring Light provides soft, nearly shadowless illumination. The secret is in how the light is shaped. It is able to cast a soft dome of light on your model complementing the hair color, makeup and skin making this light ideal for portrait style shots. The illuminating qualities helps to eliminate skin imperfections & makes your model’s face appear to have a fresh clean look. It also comes equipped with a dimming and diffusion feature that helps control your light source. For more information check out their website here

Tip: When shooting indoors, shoot near a natural light source, window, if possible. 
Tip: Take the picture with your back to natural light source.
Tip: Forget the flash - flash creates shadows, distorts color and casts an unflattering yellow light over your model or product.

2. Background and Style
Background matters. Transform ordinary pictures into standout shots with the use of a simple background. The model is the focal point, but you want to select a nice background too. Select a clean painted wall for the model to stand in front of, or go outside and take the shot.

Background ideas:
- Find a colored wall to shoot in front of (we love white or gray)

If going outside look for a clear, colorful, or bright background:
- Find a brick, stone, tile, or rock wall to shoot in front of
- A blooming wall of flowers is the holy grail of backdrops
- Shoot hair or beauty products placed on wood, marble slabs, colored tile, whatever fits your brand

3. Take a Variety of Shots
Practice makes perfect, and variety helps. If you take three shots to five shots of the same hair model you’re bound to get “the shot” that makes it to your social media page. Try camera angles from the side, the back and at an angle. Choose the best one of the series.

4. Resolution
Smartphone cameras are improving, but the second you start zooming, you lose picture quality. Don’t zoom as it will turn your image grainy or blurry or pixelated. It sounds very simple, but instead of zooming move closer.

5. Framing and Composition
Before taking your photo “set up” both the frame and composition of the shot. This is easy utilizing the grid on your smartphone.
To switch the grid on:
iPhone: Go to "Settings," choose "Photos & Camera," and switch "Grid" on.
Samsung Galaxy: Launch the camera app, go to "Settings," scroll down and switch the "grid lines" option to “on."

To produce well-balanced photos we recommend applying the rule of thirds. The grid will display 9 boxes on top of your proposed photo. The center 4 intersections lines and center box on your grid are guides for placing focal points in your photo.

The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.

6. Editing Tools
Once you’ve chosen your "it" shot, turn to a mobile photo-editing app or tool to crop, straighten, or enhance your photos with filters. Add salon logo to your image and voila! You are ready to post. Watch out world!